The Best Artificial Grass For Dogs 2023

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How To Choose The Best Dog Friendly Artificial Grass

Lets begin, its no surprise that most dog owners in the uk are switching to artificial grass, the advantages of artificial grass for dogs are too great to ignore.

Most people who have a dog have discovered that dogs and real grass don’t go well together! Muddy paw prints up the patio windows not to mention throughout the house, yellow urine circles in the grass and ripped up patches are the hallmarks of a dog-grass combo.

Many dog owners are quickly becoming tired of having to get the old mop bucket out to clean up muddy paws, not to mention having to shower your dog every time he/she goes out to play.

Artificial grass is definitely an ideal surface for dogs and their owners. The popularity of artificial grass has meant that it’s now used for everything from home golf greens to school playgrounds & play areas 

Below we will go through our recommendations for the ideal type of artificial grass to get for your dog.

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What Is The Best Artificial Grass Pile Height For Dogs ?

Choosing the right pile height is a trade off between comfort and easy to clean.

Dogs like the soft feel of grass under their feet as much as we do. Taller pile heights are easier to hide when joining two rolls together they also increase the real feel and softness of the artificial grass.

However shorter pile heights are easier to clean and are more hard wearing, it really is a matter of personal choice.

We recommend choosing  a pile height between 28mm – 40mm 

If you like a short hard wearing grass we recommend Barking from namgrass.

If you like a lush dense natural looking lawn then we recommend Woofington 

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Best Pile Density

Pile density isn’t a huge consideration unless you have a very large dog. Pile density provides cushion and durability against foot traffic.

Dogs don’t tend not leave a large amount of wear and tear on artificial grass however we do recommend a greater density at around 15,000 + stitches per square meter, a greater density will help your artificial lawn withstand foot traffic from dogs and pets and provide a natural looking appearance all year round.




What Is Polyurethane backed Artificial Grass ?

Pet urine is a big contributing factor when it comes to people choosing artificial grass, using latex backed grass can cause an awful odour after the artificial grass has been installed, the urine to crystallise and this can give you a bad-smelling garden.

Also some dogs can be allergic to latex which makes polyurethane a better choice,.

PU backed artificial grass doesn’t absorb moisture and liquids as easy. This is handy for dog owners as it greatly reduces the hygiene and odour issues associated with dogs. However, we do still advise you to wash the area regularly with water due to hygiene issues, especially if the lawn is a family garden.

Checkout our range of pu backed grasses 


What Is ZeoFill ?


ZeoFill is a natural, non-toxic and organic pet deodorizer for artificial grass. 

One of the most known positive effects of ZeoFill is that it controls the majority of pet urine smells. 

Besides functioning as one of the best artificial grass pet deodorizer on the market, ZeoFill makes the artificial turf a lot cooler as well, which is perfect in a warmer seasons.

ZeoFill is totally safe and organic we recommended buying it if you have a smaller back garden or have lots of dogs urianting in the same spot 

We recommend 1 bag to brushed in every 5sqm of artificial grass

Weed-membrane & Shockpads

Artificial Grass ShockPad 10mm


Foam underlays or shockpads should NOT be installed underneath your artificial grass, this is because the foam will act as a sponge absorbing the urine from your dog, we can not emphases this enough, DOGS AND SHOCKPADS ARE A NO NO.



An important step when preparing a dog artificial grass  area is Weed-membrane should be laid first and not directly under the grass!

Similar to the foam shockpad, weed-membrane also absorbs pet urine this is why its important to lay the membrane first once the area is dug out. please see our laying guide for more information 


How To Lay Artificial Grass

Our Favourite Artificial grass for dogs

Woofington PU

40mm Luxury pet grass from uk premium grass

Paw-Licous PU

40mm luxury pet grass from uk premium grass

Barking PU

Barking 28mm Hard wearing pet grass from Namgrass


Artificial grass is a great choice for your dog. It is durable, low maintenance and will look good for years. Your main concerns are primarily do do with keeping the odours away, but following our advice above and you should be fine . 

Choosing the best artificial grass for your dog isn’t to different from choosing the best artificial grass in general, however they’re some pointers you should remember when choosing the best grass for your dog.

Ask your supplier where the grass is from and if the grass has been tested for harmful substances, unfortunately some artificial grasses have been shown to contain traces of lead is which harmful to both humans and pets.

Also we high recommend buying European artificial grasses these tend to apply to a lot more regulations. All our artificial grass is from Europe if you’re interested in our grasses then contact us today and one of our members of staff will send out samples

If you have any questions regarding choosing the best artificial grass for your dog or pet, please leave them in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and thanks for reading!




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