How to prepare artificial grass used by dogs

dog friendly artificial grass

If you are considering purchasing artificial grass but have concerns about installing it correctly with your dog in mind, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Grass Direct, we understand your worries, and we’re here to guide you through the process. We’ve created an easy-to-follow How-to-guide to ensure that you can prepare the groundworks for your artificial lawn with your furry friend in mind.

It’s crucial to follow the steps below as they are specifically designed to ensure proper drainage, preventing any issues related to urine on the artificial grass. By allowing urine to drain harmlessly into the ground below, you can avoid unpleasant smells and staining. Let’s delve into each step:


Step 1 – Assess and Prepare: Before diving into the installation process, take a moment to assess the area where you plan to install your artificial grass. If the ground is particularly soggy, it may be necessary to create a soakaway or adding drainage, please note artificial grass does help with drainage however it isn’t a drainage solution !  If you have very poor drainage we would suggest getting professional help from a landscaper 

How To Lay Artificial Grass
How To Lay Artificial Grass

Step 2 – Clear the Area: To start your groundworks, clear the area of any existing turf, hiring a turf lifter would be a great help  and remove around 3-4 inches of soil

Step 3 – Install a Weed Membrane:  For dog owners, it is IMPORTANT to install the weed membrane at this stage, This placement ensures that urine can drain away efficiently and doesn’t get trapped on the surface. The weed membrane also helps prevent weed growth and stops worms from accessing the base materials. To secure the weed membrane, stretch it across the entire area and use pegs to secure. not installing the weed membrane at this stage will create smells as the urine will pass through the grass and lay on the wood membrane.


Step 4 – Add a Timber or composite edging Perimeter: To ensure that your artificial lawn stays in place, create a timber perimeter using timber boards fixed with concrete. Be sure to set the boards slightly lower than the expected height of the artificial grass, alternatively you can use timber pegs or composite begs to secure the timber batons.

Step 5 – Create a Sub-base: Creating a sub-base using aggregates is crucial for achieving a flat and smooth lawn. Spread a 6-8cm layer of type 1 aggregate, made from crushed concrete and rubble, evenly rake over the weed membrane. Use a wacker plate to compact the sub-base evenly.

How To Lay Artificial Grass


Step 6 – Add a Layer of Granite Dust: When you have dogs, incorporating a layer of granite dust becomes critical. Granite dust facilitates superior urine drainage compared to traditional sand commonly used during artificial grass installations. Spread approximately 3cm of granite dust over the sub-base and rake it evenly. Then, use the wacker plate to compact the entire area, ensuring there will be no sinkage in the future.

Step 7 – Smooth Your Groundworks: Using a flat board with a straight edge, smooth out the granite dust until you achieve a level surface. This step is essential as it not only makes the artificial grass installation process easier but also ensures a visually appealing end result. If the granite dust is a little dry, consider spraying it lightly with water to aid in the smoothing process.

Now the area has been prepared its time to chose the correct grass.

Here at Uk Premium Grass, we offer a premium line of artificial grass products. Unlike other providers, who often use latex as their preferred coating, we use polyurethane (PU) & ( PP) on are pet  products. This provides several benefits, including increased strength and improved resistance to moisture. As a result, our PU-backed artificial grass is a great option for households with kids and pets.

( NEW ) Pet Elite 50mm


( PP Backed ) Pet Eco 40mm


Woofington PU 40mm


Paw-licious 40mm


( NEW )Pet Luxury 38mm


Fido 30mm


Paw-Fection 30mm



Artificial grass for dogs

What is PU Artificial Grass 

PU ( Polyurethane ) backed artificial grass absorbs less moisture, liquids and therefore, urine. This is handy for dog owners as it greatly reduces the hygiene and odour issue associated with dogs.

PP Backed Artificial Grass

Polypropylene (PP) backed artificial grass refers to a type of artificial grass that has a backing made of polypropylene material. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer known for its strength, durability, and resistance to various environmental factors. When used as a backing for artificial grass, PP enhances its stability, preventing the grass from wearing out or becoming loose over time. The PP backing also provides excellent drainage capabilities, ensuring that water and other liquids can easily flow through the grass. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces that require efficient drainage such as areas used by pet areas. Additionally, polypropylene is resistant to UV rays, moisture, and heavy foot traffic, making it a versatile and long-lasting option for artificial grass installations.

best artificial grass for dogs

What Is Zeolite

Artificial grass for dogs has been extremely popular in recent years, there are many advantages of artificial grass as it is an eco-friendly choice that requires very less maintenance if installed right. In comparison to real grass, artificial turf is quite safe for your pets as long as they’re not chewers.

If your garden is relatively small or you have more than one pet playing in the garden all day, you should consider a Zeolite Artificial Grass Infill, Zeolite is a natural substance, which makes all the toxicants go away in few minutes, with that said, it is 100% organic and this is why it has been regarded as an ‘organic waste degrader’. You just need to apply the Zeolite Artificial Grass Infill only one time on your artificial grass every 5 years.

This zeolite infill is manufactured by a honeycomb molecular structure, which is negatively charged. This kind of charging allows it to quickly absorb animal waste. As a result, it prevents the ammonia from turning into a toxic gas. This is why the smell fastly fades away.

Dog Friendly Artificial Grass - Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass can smell over time if laid incorrectly, using our Pu range with ZeoFill and following our laying guide should help to eliminate theses smells 

Water is all you need to clean artificial grass, if your pet leaves bit of a mess, use a hose or a watering can on the effected area. 

Our favourite artificial grass for dogs is Woofington PU, it is a dense thick 40mm artificial grass which has a mix of light and dark green fibres. Woofington PU also Features a MICRO NERVE TECHNOLOGY which allows Woofington PU to have great resilience and less glare. These fibres look very natural and feel nice and soft, ideal for family gardens

Artificial grass is not dangerous for dogs, however we do not recommend artificial grass if your dog is a chewer, chewing large amounts of  fibres could cause blockages. 

Thanks for taking the time to read we hope you find this guide helpful. Enoy your new lawn !

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