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Artificial Grass 5m Wide 

Enjoy seamless, perfect-looking fake grass turf with 5m wide artificial grass rolls for your garden or outdoor space. 5m wide artificial grass is ideal for larger gardens, often removing the need for a join.

We’ve started supplying 5m wide Artificial Grass instead of the industry standard of 2m and 4m wide. This reduces the use of joins and gives more options for designing the perfect garden butPlease note our 5m wide products will not batch match other 2m & 4m Stock.

5m wide grass

Topaz 38mm

The thickest & Luscious artificial grass in our collection! These fibres look very natural and feel nice and soft, ideal for family gardens

Valencia 40mm

Valencia is one of the thickest artificial grass in our range, the grass also boasts a cushioned yarn and dead grass-infill. Ideal for family gardens where children will be playing outside.

Sydney 40mm

Sydney a thick & Luscious Deep Green artificial grass, with a 40mm pile height, Sydney boasts a cushioned yarn and dead grass-infill. Sydney also Features a MICRO NERVE TECHNOLOGY which allows Sydney to have great resilience and less glare

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Frequently asked questions About 5m Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass comes in all different sizes, but many people opt for 5m wide artificial grass since it gives you the freedom to cover larger outdoor spaces. Please Note You Can Not Batch Match This With 2m 4m Rolls

We pride our selfs being one of the UK’s Premium suppliers of artificial grass, one of our most popular thickness has to be Topazthe thickest & luscious artificial grass in our collection! With a 38mm pile height, created with a diamond shape cushioned yarn and dead grass-infill

It’s likely that you’ve still got a few questions on your mind before purchasing your new grass. Since we know this might be the case, we’ve answered some below…


The manufacturing process in which the 5m rolls are made is different to the 4m & 2m, even though they’re the same product they could be slight changes in colour, this is why its advised not to join 5m with 4m & 2m lengths 

Artificial grass is a cost-effective alternative for those who are looking for a lawn that looks great all year round and is easy to maintain.

5m wide artificial grass covers a greater area which is suited for larger gardens and other big areas, such as commercial premises, these wide rolls allow for the fewest joins. Having less joins means less waste material, which in the long run means more money saved. 

Our artificial grass comes in a range of different widths we stock  2m, 4m and 5m wide grasses available here on our full products page