Artificial grass for dogs

Artificial Grass For dogs

Artificial grass for dogs, If you’re tired of common grass problems such as muddy patches, holes, and yellow stains on your lawn, our pet-friendly artificial grass is a durable, mess-free solution that looks great all year round.

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Is Artificial Grass Good For Dogs?

Artificial grass is mud & mess free! not to mention urine and dog poo have no effect on our artificial grass, so no more dead patches, discolouration, or yellow stains to ruin your lawn. Furthermore, our fake grass is so tough and long-lasting, no more worn out lawns. Your dog will be able to utilise the lawn regardless of the weather, and your grass will remain pristine all year.

Pet Friendly & Safe

Dogs like playing, running, rolling around, and relaxing on artificial grass just as much as they do on actual grass, All our grasses are non-toxic and does not require deadly chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides to keep it green, it is more pet-friendly than genuine turf. Our grass is designed and tested specifically for dogs, you can rest certain that your garden is a safe for your furry friend 

Our Artificial Grass For Dogs Products





Namgrass Barking PU


Woofington PU


What is PU Artificial Grass 

PU ( Polyurethane ) backed artificial grass absorbs less moisture, liquids and therefore, urine. This is handy for dog owners as it greatly reduces the hygiene and odour issue associated with dogs.

What Is Zeolite

Artificial grass for dogs has been extremely popular in recent years, there are many advantages of artificial grass as it is an eco-friendly choice that requires very less maintenance if installed right. In comparison to real grass, artificial turf is quite safe for your pets as long as they’re not chewers.

If your garden is relatively small or you have more than one pet playing in the garden all day, you should consider a Zeolite Artificial Grass Infill, Zeolite is a natural substance, which makes all the toxicants go away in few minutes, with that said, it is 100% organic and this is why it has been regarded as an ‘organic waste degrader’. You just need to apply the Zeolite Artificial Grass Infill only one time on your artificial grass every 5 years.

This zeolite infill is manufactured by a honeycomb molecular structure, which is negatively charged. This kind of charging allows it to quickly absorb animal waste. As a result, it prevents the ammonia from turning into a toxic gas. This is why the smell fastly fades away.

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Dog Friendly Artificial Grass - Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass can smell over time if laid incorrectly, using our Pu range with ZeoFill and following our laying guide should help to eliminate theses smells 

Water is all you need to clean artificial grass, if your pet leaves bit of a mess, use a hose or a watering can on the effected area. 

Our favourite artificial grass for dogs is Woofington PU, it is a dense thick 40mm artificial grass which has a mix of light and dark green fibres. Woofington PU also Features a MICRO NERVE TECHNOLOGY which allows Woofington PU to have great resilience and less glare. These fibres look very natural and feel nice and soft, ideal for family gardens

Artificial grass is not dangerous for dogs, however we do not recommend artificial grass if your dog is a chewer, chewing large amounts of  fibres could cause blockages. 

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