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Due to its low maintenance requirements, ease of installation and reduced costs, artificial grass is becoming a common sight in many lawns and gardens around the UK. Modern artificial grass has come a long way and is now virtually impossible to tell whether a patch is artificial or not, as most types look incredibly realistic. While fake grass requires little attention, there is some after care involved. Below you will find some useful artificial grass maintenance tips to help you keep your lawn looking lush, green and healthy

Keep it clean

After a while, soil, twigs and other unwanted stuff may find their way onto your grass. This won’t affect it at all, but if left over a long time it could encourage weeds to grow. To clean artificial grass simply give your grass a good brushing with a stiff brush or a plastic rake (but not a metal one), or a garden blower/vac. 

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A good brush up

From time to time, give your grass a good going over with a stiff brush or plastic rake. This will perk up the pile of your grass, especially in areas that aren’t used so much. It’s a bit like giving your hair a comb and will smarten up the look of your grass.

Taking care of business

Namgrass is great for pets doing their business, as it won’t discolour or die like natural grass. However, now and again, it’s a good idea to give your grass a bit of a spruce up with our artificial grass cleaner. This will freshen it up and reduce the build up of odours.

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Tackling stains and marks

If you discover any stains on your artificial grass, use warm water and washing up liquid along with a brushing to remove them. For more tricky oil-based marks, you can easily remove them using white spirits and a cloth (always test on a small patch first to ensure that you don’t experience any discolouration of the grass).

Ensure even wear

If you have equipment that remains stationary we always advise moving this around from time to time to ensure even wear conditions on the grass and brush the area with a stiff yard brush to stimulate the grass pile and freshen it up. It is quite normal for the grass to sit flatter in these areas than others that do not receive as much use.


Placement of shiny objects

Shiny objects such as mirrors, shed window or even decorative garden accessories which are in full sun for the majority of the day can reflect the sun’s rays and magnify onto the grass causing it to burn. Therefore, careful consideration is required to prevent this.

Protect heavy traffic areas

Just as with natural grass, we recommend having a paving slab or two to step onto right under the stepping point from your home to ensure the paving slab takes the initial impact from the step down. The reason for this is the impact from the step can quickly cause the fibres of the grass to sit in different directions or go flat making it appear different from the rest of the area.


Rotate heavy equipment

Football goals, slides, outdoor tables and chairs are all popular features of a family garden and also a high impact area. If you are playing sports on the grass, make sure it has a heavy sand infill. We recommend moving heavy equipment from time to time so you don’t end up with one spot being worn more than another.

Weeds and moss

On the very rare occasion where you can see weeds or moss appearing, you can use a proprietary weed and moss treatment which can be bought at DIY and other retailers.

If the grass has been laid correctly, weeds and moss are likely only to be rooting within debris trapped within the fibres of the grass. Before treatment it is recommended that the areas are manually cleared of weeds and moss and debris swept away with a stiff brush.

We recommend that before using any weed or moss treatment that you carry out a patch test on a small inconspicuous area of the grass to check it doesn’t affect your Namgrass product.

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